Air Purchase Agreement

The AIR agreement requires arbitration under the American Arbitration Association`s business rules, requires the forfeiture of many normal rights in disputes, and requires each arbitrator to be an impartial real estate agent with at least 5 years of full-time experience, both in the field where the property is located and in the nature of the real estate involved. Personally, I do not want a non-lawyer (or non-judge) to make a final decision that cannot be appealed. That is why I propose that the parties do not approve the arbitration clause as it appears in the AIR Agreement. This form is used in response to the standard offer agreement and a buyer`s offer to purchase. There are many advantages in the use of the AIR sales contract. Brokers, lawyers, buyers and sellers are familiar with the form. This makes it much easier for all parties involved to read the contract and understand the terms that each party agrees to. This form is used by brokers to document their representation of a buyer trying to find and buy real estate or a tenant trying to find and rent real estate. Although the AIR sales contract does not contain certain provisions that provide additional protection to sellers, these provisions may be added in a supplement. Paragraph 22.2 of the AIR Agreement benefits the seller if the seller wins. It provides in part: this form is used to make changes or modify listung air agreements (e.g.

B to extend service life). The AIR agreement does not require the seller`s agreement for the buyer to withdraw its rights from the contract. Paragraph 1.1. the AIR Agreement provides that “the buyer has the right to assign the buyer`s rights to this contract, but such assignment does not relieve the buyer of the buyer`s obligations, unless the seller expressly releases the buyer”. Therefore, the buyer may freely assign the contract to any party, whether or not the assignee is controlled by the buyer or a third party. In particular, paragraph 18 of the CAR Agreement provides that “any removal of contingencies or cancellations under this paragraph by the buyer or seller shall be exercised in good faith and in writing”. If the buyer fails to actively eliminate or cancel any eventuality until the date specified in the CAR agreement, the seller must normally notify the buyer of a service notification before it can terminate the contract. . . .

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