Atu Local 1572 Collective Agreement

To read or download the atu canada collective agreement eBook, you must create a FREE account. 35 The agreement, each of whom had the full right and opportunity to make claims and proposals in respect of all the benefit provisions of that agreement, applies only to regular full-time employees within the meaning of the definition, unless expressly provided otherwise. 365 By mutual agreement between the city and the Union, the probationary period may be extended As of January 1, 2016, mechanics will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $450 per year for the replacement or purchase of authorized tools. Part-time tool allowance of 50% of the full-time mechanic, effective January 1, 1998. Mechanics and hostesses will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $100 per year for safety shoes/boots with steel caps or a management-approved seasonal jacket worn at work. All safety tool and footwear allowances earned will be paid at a flat rate on the first full payroll of each year for the duration of this agreement. It is agreed that the City will pay the statutory amount to the Wisconsin Retirement Fund for all eligible employees covered by this Agreement. 33 Matters relating to the current duration of the Agreement, whether or not referred to in this Agreement, may not be 612 A general selection of full-time races will take place approximately every three (3) months, or if there is a material change in the schedule in 613 or at any other time by mutual agreement between the Company and Union 614. Race selection is based on seniority and takes place within the respective occupational group. An additional board choice of 615 is made after the full-time choice. This selection must be made according to seniority. No employee may lose their salary under this agreement.

347 employees will receive pro-rated benefits as set out in this Agreement. The City offers a group health insurance program that is offered to eligible employees covered by this agreement. Similar to the city`s Trustmark insurance plan summary provided today, the ATU represents more than 200,000 members with 240 locals in 9 provinces and 46 states. The 391 who fall under this Agreement will be automatically enrolled from their respective seniority lists under The Company offers a stand-alone group dental treatment program for eligible employees, for which employees will pay $3.75 per month for individual coverage and $10.60 per month for family coverage during the term of this Agreement. The benefit plan is the same as that of the City D.P.W. rate unit or is listed in this contract, whichever is greater. The Company will include the 15 current oral surgery procedures covered by health insurance in the dental plan for employees who do not have oral surgery coverage under an HMO plan by adding the following change to the dental plan: Under the city`s agreement with an optical service, employees who have satisfactorily completed their probationary period may purchase prescription and executive glasses at the expense of the town. Mechanics who have satisfactorily completed their probationary period may purchase the city by offering a group dental program for eligible employees, for which employees pay 15% of the premium per month for individual and family insurance for the term of this Agreement.

The benefits plan is based on the city`s current dental plan. 31 That agreement, concluded in the context of collective bargaining, constitutes the full and complete agreement If Sunday service were a clear possibility, both parties agree to reopen the contract in order to discuss only the payment and planning of Sunday work. If such an opening occurs, neither party may make proposals or revisions to other agreements, articles, clauses, sections or annexes; and if submitted, such a proposal will not be subject to negotiation. Unless otherwise stated, all unserved areas of the current collective agreement apply to all paratransit operators who may be hired by the Town of Sheboygan. The arbitrators shall not add, affect or modify Agreement 13,502 Termination Date in accordance with the provisions of the Employment Contract and in accordance with 39 This Agreement shall enter into force upon its performance no later than (10) days after ratification by 32 between the parties and shall supersede all prior agreements between the parties. It is agreed that the 46 Local 998 of the Amalgamated Transportation Union will be the sole representatives for the collective bargaining of 341 pro-rated benefits under this Agreement, including the partial payment option under the Agreement. Below is a list of premium coverage percentages, eligible employees, and eligibility: 50% Premium Coverage – All part-time employees include a Health Savings Account (HSA). The City agrees to pay $750 (individual and $1,500) (family) to HSA each year of this Agreement and undertakes not to make any deductible increases in either year. 36 Any subject, as provided for by Wisconsin Act 111.70 and the agreements concluded by the parties under Section 153 The costs of printing copies of the employment contract are shared equally between the European Union and 839B. The disciplinary plan of the group 4 working rules may be amended by mutual agreement by A.

Part-time employees hired before 1.1.2014 may be entitled to health and dental insurance under this agreement. The following is a list of the percentage of premium coverage, eligible employees and eligibility: This letter of intent is valid for the period from January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2009. During the term of this Letter of Intent, Shoreline Metro will fulfill its obligations as already agreed to in paragraph 13(c) of the Occupational Health and Safety Agreement of the Federal Transit Act with Consolidated Transit Union Local 998. In addition, Shoreline Metro will not provide fixed bus services for the duration of this Letter of Intent. In addition, for the duration of this Agreement, Shoreline Metro will not expand the use of subcontractors for work in bargaining units beyond functional areas previously subcontracted to subcontractors. Examples of functional areas previously outsourced to subcontractors include paratransit bus service, engine conversion, transmission conversion, generator conversion, newly emptied radiators, and painting of the entire bus. Proof of an order, voucher or contract is sufficient to determine whether a functional area has already been subcontracted by Shoreline Metro. Shoreline Metro`s contracts for the rehabilitation or conversion of buses do not violate this Agreement. In 2015, the Canadian Council became ATU Canada and represented all Of the Canadian locals of the ATU for the first time. The Council represented the interests of workers in various Canadian transportation systems, including municipal, provincial and private employers. 923 paid in the previous calendar year for part-time workers.

786 will be placed on leave for a maximum period of sixty (60) calendar days and 787 will be returned to his previous position if the licence is acquired during that period. If, after sixty (60) days, the employee still does not have his CDL, the leave for 789 will continue up to one (1) year or until the note is reinstated on the basis of an appeal; 790, however, the employee must wait for the next available opening to return to his position. 335, if the employment is on a full shift basis and has satisfactorily completed its 322 Each party shares the costs of its own arbitrator and all costs incurred in connection with the abandonment of 415. Any employee who wishes to apply for an advertised position must submit his or her offer in writing within 127 years No member of the union may be denied union representation. 741 A worker who is called back to work at the end of his or her scheduled hours of work or who is authorized to come to work under section 742 without being informed that there will be no work and who is physically capable of performing 743 of his or her regular work or assigned work shall receive at least two (2) hours of work or pay 744 at his or her standard hourly rate, except in the case of labour disputes. force majeure, unforeseen circumstances or 745 conditions beyond the control of the city. 646 From among the respondents, the selection is made on the basis of the criteria of reliability, diplomacy, 754 Floating Vacations or a portion thereof that may be used at the employee`s discretion if the employee makes 514 3) In the case of more than one qualified assignee who meets the qualifications, the city agrees to implement the current Wisconsin Employee Group Life Insurance Plan in accordance with the state statutes of the Wisconsin or comparable coverage for Continue authorized employees in Wisconsin. the bargaining unit that has satisfactorily completed six (6) months of service and voluntarily elects to participate in this plan […].

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