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“More than 90% of the electorate supported the proposal, and we look forward to quickly offering our members the benefits of the new agreement.” Most of the retailer`s 17,000 employees voted Monday in favor of the deal, which includes wage increases, reinstatement of penalty interest and casual charges, and the removal of redundancy pay. The troubled retailer has signed a new agreement that pays workers higher severance pay. Alamy The deal comes because Big W has continued to lose money and recently reported losses of $8 million despite an increase in revenue. Woolworths stated that it was dissatisfied with the trend reversal and would review the store and distribution centre network The proposed agreement will not have splitting teams that, until now, allowed two teams per day to be worked with less than ten hours of break between shifts. Now there must be a 12-hour break (or 10 hours by appointment) between the conclusion of a position and the start of the next position. This means that, in some stores, the current practice of using splitting layers is no longer permitted. Big W`s old enterprise contract was launched in 2012 and expired in 2015. The new agreement provides for above-average wages and conditions, with annual wage increases, penalties, increased casual charges, the choice of superannuation providers and increased rights to severance pay. Saturday`s sentences, which will be reduced to zero as part of the agreement, will increase to 150% under the agreement and Sunday and evening premium rates will be increased. Unlike Kmart`s new agreement with the SDA, which requires workers to join the INDUSTRIAL fund REST, workers will have the choice between superfunds. In its current form, the EBA reinstates penalty interest, occasional charges and other conditions that had been removed from previous subscribers negotiated with the SDA. The Shoppies union called the new agreement a “significant improvement.” Under the new enterprise agreement, Big W employees will be paid between $21.51 and $23.12 per hour, depending on their seniority.

The Big W agreement negotiated by SDA ensures that you are doing better than the General Retail Industry Award. Without them, many of the SDA`s hard-won trade union conditions could be lost. For a complete comparison of the proposed agreement and the premium, click here. SDA Secretary of State Gerard Dwyer praised the “incredible” election results and said the union had worked closely with members to ensure better job security, wages and a “higher” redundancy plan. Workers approved the new collective bargaining agreement (EBA) by an overwhelming majority in a vote that ended on March 18 – two weeks before Big W owner Woolworths said it would close 30 of its branches in its 180-person network across the country. Big W`s is the youngest in a series of a major retailer to get these conditions in their EBA after a pioneering shutdown of the FWC in 2016, that the agreements cannot put workers less well than they would be below the minimum wage. The agreement will enter into force seven days after approval and will have a nominal expiry date of May 5, 2022. Enterprise agreements are based on the minimum conditions of Modern Awards and/or vary them.

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