Catholic Education Melbourne Workplace Agreement

Teachers and support staff in the ACT and NSW Catholic schools voted overwhelmingly in favour of a new enterprise agreement, with an overwhelming 98% in favour of its adoption. Press release: The IEU calls on the Confederation and the Federal States to draw up a rescue plan at the State Cabinet meeting on Friday, 3 April, which is fair to all employers in the field of early childhood education. As Treasurer Josh Frydenberg presents his first budget, education experts are weighing the government`s words against their funding promises and looking at the future of education in Australia. Originally published on The Conversation. Everyone has the right to a secure job and arrival at the end of the working day, but that is not always the reality of Australian jobs. Australian unions have released the results of their survey on sexual harassment in the workplace, which received responses from more than 9,600 people. More than 2,300 members have already completed the EEA`s safety and health survey at COVID-19`s workplaces. Please take this opportunity to complete the survey and help the union have a full understanding of the situation in your school or centre. Safe Work Australia has published new information and resources with tips on how to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in your workplace and help limit the spread. The Victorian government has promised the largest early learning reform in state history, with a record $1 billion investment in early childhood education.

The EU is launching a membership recruitment initiative called Join in June, which aims both to promote the work of the Independent Education Union and to encourage potential members to join and participate in their own industrial and professional organisation in their own workplaces. Do you have any difficulties with the voting process for the Catholic Systemic Enterprise Agreement 2020? Members should have received an email yesterday inviting you to vote for the 2020 Catholic Systemic Enterprise Agreement. Be sure to vote in the australian Election Company`s enterprise agreement on behalf of your employer. Two important works have recently been published by The Front Project, as part of a new focus on COVID-19`s support for the early childhood education and care sector (ECEC). Wear it Purple Day is Friday, August 28, 2020. Wear it Purple Day is about showing LGBTIQ youth that they have a right to be proud of who they are. The aim is to create safe spaces in schools, universities, workplaces and public spaces to show LGBTIQ youth that they are being seen and helped. The NSW Shadow Minister of Early Learning sent a letter to educators and early education and hospitality providers expressing her desire for increased support for ECL during COVID-19.

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