Content Development Agreement

Customer Content. The customer is solely responsible for the accuracy and content of the customer`s content, including any claims or liabilities that may arise from it. The parties irrevocably invoke the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Ontario with respect to all matters arising out of or related to this Agreement. The parties irrevocably agree that all disputes arising out of this Agreement are confidential information in the courts of Toronto, Ontario. Confidential information is all unpublished technical information (such as computer programs, tools or technical processes), all artistic information (such as product design) and all unpublished commercial and financial information (such as advertising or business plans, advertising revenues and relationships, marketing data and forecasts) transmitted by one of the parties to the other party during the course of design. The development or implementation of the Website, the information of which is written, with the exception of information (i) previously known to the recipient at the time of its publication, (ii) subsequently becomes public freedom by a source other than the receiving party or (iii) is subsequently disclosed by a third party who is not under a confidentiality agreement concluded with the providing party. To the extent that a website containing a code, content or photograph belonging to a third party is delivered, Beam Local will ensure, before being delivered to the customer, that the code, content or photographic content has sufficient licenses to be used by the customer, or Beam Local will obtain from the owner a license granting the customer a free right to use such material at no additional cost to the customer. AND CONSIDERING that BEAM LOCAL is active and has extensive expertise in providing design and development services related to website creation; “Agreement” means this Agreement and the schedules annexed thereto, as well as any written and future amendments. Virus.

BEAM LOCAL represents and warrants that the Site is free from viruses, defects, watches, timers, counters or other limiting or disabling codes, designs or routines, or obscene, threatening or malicious content. . . .

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