Eu Strategic Partnership Agreements

The observation that the institutional and legal framework of the PCA is the main instrument for implementing the Common Spaces Agenda therefore implies that the burden of legal adaptation lies primarily with Russia.24 Although the EU Global Strategy 2016 (EEAS 2016) does not explicitly mention the importance of the strategic partnership – The NEAR project team strongly believes that: that the EU would inevitably make use of its network of strategic partners, particularly in Asia, if they need support for the detailed design and implementation of the WEEE initiative. Lai S, Holland M, Kelly S (2019) The emperor`s new dresses? Perception of the EU`s strategic partnerships in Asia. Asia Eur J. strategic partnership projects in the cultural sector have been set up between the EU and some special partners from third countries, notably China and Brazil. The joint article by Jain and Sachdeva (2019) is on the strategic partnership BETWEEN the EU and India. The authors explored the perspectives of both sides on global governance, normative divergence and security cooperation and sought to identify and crystallize their respective perceptions of the strategic partnership. It is noted that the EU-India Strategic Partnership has contributed, through the establishment of regular and irregular dialogue forums, to broadening bilateral contacts and consultations, which has enabled the EU and India to raise mutual awareness of each other`s expectations and perspectives. .

Tjip de Jong

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