No Harm Agreement

However, what a contract does not entail is that I believed in writing that the client posed a certain risk to himself. And that after understanding this risk and seeing the need to intervene, I simply took the client at the word that they were fine. This is why no-damage contracts have been disgraced over time. There is no evidence that they work. They can even give you a false sense of security. They show that you have seen the need to intervene to reduce the risk of suicide, and that you have not done much to intervene. Legal experts have expressed concern that this could open therapists to legal liability if a client dies by suicide and the family files a complaint or complaint. Once the agreement is reached, both parties will sign and conclude the contract. It seemed like the simplest thing. A few years ago, one of my clients had thought a little about suicide, but with no plan or intention. They would be considered far too low risk for hospitalizations or other crisis services. But I was so worried that I didn`t want to send it without doing anything. So we signed a contract without damages.

Damage contracts involve an often signed obligation on the client to do nothing before a specific date to harm himself or someone else. Often, this date is the next time the client and therapist meet, so that the client can be reassessed and the contract can be reviewed and renewed if necessary. Some non-injury contracts include certain steps the customer should take before participating in harmful behaviours. Please note that no-suicide contracts are not legal documents; These are agreements that open the cause of what a person must do when he becomes suicidal. A non-damage contract is not a contract in a legally enforceable sense. If this client was indeed injured, it is not as if my agency is going to sue the client for breach of contract. There is no way to stick usefully to someone. And if the individual doesn`t want to sign it or doesn`t like the idea of a contract, then you can verbally agree on what the person should do if he becomes suicidal.

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