Repurchase Agreement Confirmation Requirements

Question: That we use email to provide daily confirmations. I am writing on behalf of the 14 financial institutions of the First American Bank National Association of Bremer Financial, based in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin (a total holding company worth $3 billion) to request information on the authorized nature of effective confirmation to customers overnight, which are kept to customers overnight. Bremer Financial respectfully asks for your information on this. If you have any questions about the material context of this request or the specific ways in which e-mail is used, please contact me at (612) 282-9758. SVP, CIO Bremer Financial Services, Inc. 445 Minnesota Street St. Paul, Minnesota 55101-2107 RE: Question on Buyback Confirmations Message: at -FABRIK/Internet De:GBLACKAL at BREMER_HQ Subject: Daily Collateral Confirmation for 5/15/97s: First American Bank of North Dakota, NA Repurchase Agreement Confirmation for 5/15/97. For Yoshi Inc. account #202 Ken Papaj Department of Treasury Bureau of the Public Debt Government Securities Regulations Staff Washington, DC 20239.

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