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“Practical Law Employment provides lawyers and HR/IR specialists with practical tools to guide you through the complexity of an employment issue. They act with confidence and save time knowing that our practical notes, checklists, precedents and model letters are constantly updated to reflect the latest legal developments and cover all bases. I am proud of my team of professional lawyers, all of whom have experience and are committed to providing a great deal of clear and concise legal information to practitioners. Linda Taylor, Head of EmploymentThe checklists are brief reminders of the practical and legal actions you need to follow in a case. Labour and labour relations law in Australia consists of a large number of federal, regional and common laws, often complex and interconnected. Slaw`s practical job has been designed to provide you with the practical know-how you need to navigate this complex legal field. Alina Kaye has a wide range of labour law experience that has been practiced in Australian and international law firms, most recently Johnson, Winter and Slattery. Alina has advised employers in a wide range of industries on thought relations and related issues, including business transfers, compensation and benefits, restructuring and outsourcing, combating discrimination and sexual harassment, complaints and litigation, independent contractors, performance management, termination of employment and post-employment trade restrictions. The employment includes know-how resources in the following areas: Practical Notes Practical notes provide you with concise legal and practical statements. We consult all relevant sources of labour law, practitioners and guidelines and distill the principles so that you can advise you with confidence. Meet our in-house team of experienced law writers who are 100% dedicated to creating and maintaining our employment resources. Labour law is a rapidly evolving legal field that produces a large number of case law and legislative changes.

Practical Law Canada Employment gives you access to constantly updated resources that reflect rapid legislative changes, allowing you to spend less time updating materials and more time dealing with issues. Gain clarity on complex and interconnected federal, regional and community laws and let our team of on-the-job labour law authors guide you through the complexity of an employment issue. Linda Taylor has more than 15 years of experience in employment, industrial relations and occupational health and safety legislation, both in private practice and in internal functions.

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