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The United States entered into SOFAs with Australia and the Philippines after entering into contracts with the countries concerned. In the case of Australia, in 1952, the United States Senate recommended ratification of the INS136 Pact. In 1963, nine years after the ratification of the pact, Australia and the United States concluded a status-of-forces agreement in Australia.137 The United States concluded a SOFA with the Philippines in 1993, after concluding a mutual defense agreement with the country in 1952.138 The agreements with Australia and the Philippines thus differed from the agreements with Japan and Korea. that they refer to the general obligations arising from the treaty previously concluded, while the agreements with Japan and Korea refer to a specific authority (namely, respectively, Article VI and Article V), which is contained in the underlying treaty. 1956: Agreement on the Status of Personnel of the United States Military Assistance Advisory Group and Personnel of the Sea Purchase Program 1995: Agreement on the Status of United States Military Personnel and DOD Civilian Personnel Who May Stay in Albania as Part of the Search and Rescue Joint Military Exercise (SAREX). 2004: Addendum to the Agreement “Agreement between the Member Countries of the North Atlantic Treaty and Other States Participating in the Partnership for Peace on the Status of their Armed Forces” on the Status of the Armed Forces of the United States in the Republic of Albania T.I.A.S. Exchange of Notes in Dhaka, 10 and 24 August 1998. Entered into force on 24 August 1998 (provision of the status of the United States forces corresponding to the administrative and technical staff of the United States Embassy). 2002: Agreement on the Status of U.S.

Armed Forces in Romania (agreement concluded before Romania`s accession to NATO) A Status of Armed Forces Agreement (SOFA) is an agreement between a host country and a foreign nation that deploys armed forces in that country. SOFAs are often part of a comprehensive security agreement with other types of military agreements. A SOFA is not a safety device; it establishes the rights and privileges of foreign personnel who set up in a host country to support the strengthening of security measures. [1] In international law, a status-of-force agreement differs from military occupation. . . .

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