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I agree with Paul, but the government should understand that as a landlord, I will no longer accept pets because of “their” bonding situation, and as a rental agent, I can tell them that the majority of my clients unfortunately feel the same way. I sometimes wonder if the government understands. But let us maintain our professionalism and continue to tell them if they are looking for it, and continue to make reasonably feasible proposals to them. You never know there`s something flowing into it. 😉 Housing Minister Robert Jenrick is to review the standard rental agreement to make it easier for tenants to have pets. According to the Consumer Rights Act 2015, general pet prohibitions do not apply. The law states that tenants should have the right to obtain permission to keep a pet – a request that a landlord cannot refuse without good reason. Good reasons can be allergies, conditions in the rental contract of the building or the owner`s insurance policy. However, there was never a written contract, but only an oral agreement. I always paid rent by the hour, kept the house clean, and didn`t bother anyone during law school. Hello Paul Not only is the government against landlords, councils openly discriminate against landlords, for example.

B the refusal to finance citizens` advisory offices in Banes and Bristol to help the owners. Only funding given to help tenants. “The tenant agrees to pay for the professional cleaning of the property at the end of the lease, including cleaning all carpets and treating the property for fleas and mites.” Landlords really lose very good tenants with their little thought about pets. The tenant agrees that he complies with the Pet Directive, as attached to Appendix 1 of this rental agreement. You can find more useful tips and instructions on our FAQ page for homeowners. I hope someone can help! When my partner and I agreed on our new rent, it was on the condition that we had a dog at some point. The real estate agent at the time of the conclusion of the contract said that we would look into the pet clause if we had actually chosen a dog. Well, the time has come and the agent has in his clause that in case of fleas, they keep money for 4 months after the lease. She said the contract they use would cost £120. We decided that this would be acceptable after confirming that these funds were protected in the deposit system and we wanted the amount of the retainer to be written as well, for obvious reasons that we do not want to be hit with a 1000 pound note (God preserve), there was a flea problem. The agent came back and said that the deposit system will not keep this money for 4 months after the lease and since our lease contract lasts 3 years, the price of your contractor could increase.

Now, I understand that with inflation, the contractor`s prices could go up, but there is certainly a good way to include that in the agreement to be fair to both parties and to make sure that my partner and I are protected from the very shady agents felt. Please help us! Every tip is much appreciated. Pets or not are an ongoing problem for agents and owners. What is “reasonable” and what is not – which can only lead to quarrels. The simple answer is to allow the landlord to take a larger deposit if the tenant wants to have a pet. It is then up to the tenant to decide whether or not he wants to pay. “We will listen to tenants and landlords to see what more we can do to address this issue in a way that is fair to both. They make a lot of effort to get us, the owners, into the social system. .

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