Uconn Consortium Agreement

Students who enter into a consortium agreement for their training abroad should go to the “Education Abroad” page for more information. A consortium contract is a contract between the student, the University of Connecticut (UConn) and another university (Host School). The agreement allows the Office of Student Financial Aid Services to process financial assistance on the basis of credits registered at both universities for a given semester. In order for all credits to be taken into account, a consortium agreement must be concluded between UConn and the host school before the 10th day of school. To be approved, at least six credits must be taken from UConn for the consortium semester. To make their signature available electronically, students MUST use the link below and register with their NetID. fileupload.financialaid.uconn.edu/form_upload.php?students users without NetID should use fileupload.financialaid.uconn.edu/form_upload.php and provide handwritten signatures to students, spouses and parents. Note: Students who go abroad in the fall should request by email (studentjobs@uconn.edu) that the student employment agency retain their amount of the spring FWS. Students who do not apply to the employment agency until the scheduled date will have their FWS cancelled for the academic year. Students who enter into a consortium agreement for their training abroad must enter into the consortium agreement for students participating in a program of study form. Effective from December 2020, starting with the autumn 2020 assessment, the Office of Student Financial Aid Services has adopted an amendment to the SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) Directive. Sap`s quantitative standard (Pace) will increase from 75% of cumulative credit test hours to 67% of cumulative credit test hours. Start of the case […] BY UCONN UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS RECEIVE GIFT AID IN THE FORM OF GRANTS AND SCHOLARSHIPS FROM ANY SOURCE Click the blue “Send” button.

You should see a screen saying that email communication is not safe and that we ask you not to send emails containing confidential information to our office. For the security of your data, UConn has set up a secure system that allows you to download your sensitive documents from us. If you wish, you can submit documents with other methods as described on the Document Transfer Policies page, but the secure download system will deliver your documents to our office faster and allow you to process your financial assistance more quickly. Note: A consortium contract is not required for a full-time student at UConn. To learn more about the process or consider the eligibility of financial assistance, students must complete the consortium`s application for agreement form. NOTE: Please do not send personal or sensitive information to our office for your protection, as we cannot guarantee the security of the information sent to us by email. Please send this information to (860) 486-6629. In addition to the information contained in the table above, loans and/or scholarship programs are available: (Please note that you can only submit one document on that date. If you need to send multiple documents, you can start the process again at the end of this document by going back to that page.) Students may be eligible for financial assistance if they participate in an approved foreign study program.

To be considered for most forms of financial assistance, students must: The above statement confirms that the document has been filed. When you access one of the links above, you will be taken to the corresponding form for downloading secure files (as shown in the illustration below). All fields of the form are required.

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