Walmart Credit Agreement

0% APR is an advertising financing offer specific to certain products for a limited time. For items that are not eligible for 0% APR financing, your annual effective rate is between 10 and 30% depending on the credit. The exact conditions for which you qualify are displayed when you leave Affirm. . Affirm may offer specific financing of only 0% effective annual interest for certain products. This means you can make interest-free monthly payments with Affirm. If you browse products on, some items may be labeled as “0% effective annual interest rate with Affirm.” Items eligible for zero-rate funding may change. These categories are not exhaustive and are subject to change without notice. To purchase ineligible items, you must specify a different payment method. Affirm financing is available for authorized Walmart purchases between $144 and $2000, including taxes.

Eligible categories include:. . . . Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the financing of your purchases at Walmart: Currently, the zero-rate financing program with Affirm at 0% APR is only available on, but you can still make paid purchases with Affirm in-store. Some categories are not eligible for funding, including:. . . . .

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