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If you can`t keep your child for a while or if a social worker wants to take your child home, you can ask the ministry to place your child with family or friends to take care of them. You can organize this by an agreement on the advanced family program. Sometimes this is called the VET agreement. In other words, if you are in crisis and cannot keep your child at home for a short period of time, you can enter into a voluntary custody agreement to put your child in care. For example, if you are single and need to go to the hospital or treatment program, you may require that your child need care until you return. Assistance service agreements can last up to six months. Depending on the situation, you may be able to renew a support service contract. Part of the Commissioner`s role is to ensure that programs and services meet the needs of children and youth in B.C. It has the power to monitor and verify these services and to make recommendations for changes … The EFP agreement defines the best way to meet your child`s needs, the services and supports your child may need, and the length of your child`s remaining with the assistant. A youth agreement is a legal agreement between you and the Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD) in case of extreme distress. A thorough assessment of your circumstances will be completed by your local MCFD office, and if appropriate, we will work with your family to meet your needs.

State Assistance – Means anyone who has lived in nursing homes, group homes, child and adolescent psychiatrists, addiction centres, child care centres or independent housing. If you were in one of these places, you might have had one of these care statuses: youth contracts, extended family placements, 54.1, pursuit of custody, temporary custody order, voluntary custody mandate, you could renew the contract after, if you need it. Federation of BC Youth in Care Networks (FBCYICN) – A provincial, youth-focused non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of youth aged 14 to 24. Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) – The BC Ministry, which is responsible for the guardianship of children and adolescents in the care and assistance of adolescents on YAG, AYA and independent living. Youth Agreement (YAG) – A legal agreement between 16 to 18-year-olds and the MCFD to live independently. To apply for a contract, you must be between the age of 19 and 26, and on your 19th birthday, there was one of the following support formulas: Transition – The time when a young person goes from taking over the state to an independent life.

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